Our American heritage dates back almost 90 years, but Ariens has been a global company at its heart for much of this time. With our products sold across the world, we’ve always taken pride in our understanding of customer needs – no matter where that customer is located.

It’s for this reason that we moved European production of our line of zero-turns and other products to Oxford in the United Kingdom. Built to the same, uncompromised specification as our U.S manufactured machines, our European products can be tailored specifically for the needs of the local market. 

In 2018, Ariens Company joined the ‘Made In Britain’ campaign – an initiative that “brings together the British manufacturing community, united with the use of the registered collective mark” . We’re proud of our investment and support of British manufacturing.

Not just assembled…

Ariens bend, punch, laser cut and weld at our Oxford plant as well as the final assembly of the product. A team of over 100, skilled technicians and operators work to the same exacting standards that defined Ariens as a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment 90 years ago. 

Ariens is the only major manufacturer of zero-turn mowers in Europe. This gives us significant advantages over our competitors, who simply import product:


Products designed by you

Our U.K. based engineers and product managers work directly with European landscapers, lawn care professionals and homeowners to understand what product is needed locally, and design it accordingly


Specific for European Customers

Engineered and manufactured specifically for the European customer Ariens zero-turns are designed and tested for use in Europe and in European conditions


Uncompromised spare parts and technical support

With components made in the U.K., there is no wait time for shipping, no parts shortages and fast delivery time direct to the dealer network


Investing in British manufacturing

We believe that ‘Made in Britain’ means quality for our customers and we’re delighted to continue to support British engineering and manufacturing