Clearing Width: 71 cm / 28"
Traction Drive: Mechanical RAPIDTRAK

Made for lots of snow and maximum traction

Pure power against snow. When you get behind your PLATINUM, you’ll want to keep going – driveway after driveway. These units were built for high-volume workloads, hence their standard hand-warmers and Super High Output (SHO) impellers. The PLATINUM Series is loaded with plenty of other features sure to fit your snow removal needs.

  • Featuring a wide 71cm (28″) clearing width that moves 77 tonnes of snow per hour
  • Powerful 369cc Ariens AX EFI engine
  • Blows snow up to 17 m
  • 36 cm (14″) auger and impeller diameter
  • Tall housing height of 53 cm for deeper snow
  • Auto-Turn trigger-less steering
  • Interlocking handles for one-handed operation
  • Ariens exclusive Rapidtrak™ technology​ is capable of tackling any terrain

Use Cases

RapidTrak™ AutoTurn® SHO blower wheel Electric start

Features & Benefits

Heated handgrips

Dash-controlled heated handgrips keep your hand warm for greater control and extra comfort for longer.

Auto-turn steering

Drive straight ahead with the rear axle locked for maximum grip. As soon as you steer the machine, the axle is unlocked and turning on the spot is child's play. A patented invention from Ariens.

EFI Engine

The Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) engine starts easier and is more fuel efficient without compromising on performance.

Available on the Platinum series models.

LED Headlight

Ultra-bright lighting comes standard on all Platinum Series Sno-Thro® models.

SHO Impeller

Super High Output (SHO) impeller throws snow far and fast, up to 83 tonnes/hour, allowing the auger to pull in more snow.

Quick-Turn chute rotation

Turn your chute instantly with the push of a button.

Technical Data

Model Number 921335
Engine Ariens AX 369 cm³ EFI
Stage Type Two Stage
Engine Displacement 369
Maximum Power 7,5 / 10,2 kW/hp @ 3,650 rpm
Max. Torque 23,1 Nm
Starting System 230 V & Recoil
Traction Drive Mechanical RAPIDTRAK
Drive Axle Auto-Turn
Gears Forward / Reverse 6 / 2
Clearing Width 71 cm / 28"
Throwing distance 0.9 - 16.7 m
Tonnes per hour 77
Chute Rotation Quick Turn, 200°
Auger Diameter 35.6 cm
Auger Type Steel Serrated
Auger housing 28" (71 x 53 cm)
Tyre size 16 x 4.8-8"
LED Light 1
Handle heating
Double belt drive
SHO impeller
Skid Shoes Steel Reversible
Scraper Bar Steel Adjustable
Deflector Control Remote
Lenght 149
Width 76 cm
Height 115 cm
Weight 128 kg
Gear Case Warranty 5 Year Residential / 1 Year Commercial
Product Warranty 3 Year Warranty / 90 Day Commercial
Changes in technology, equipment and price are reserved. Of information or illustrations no claims can be derived.


Snow cab

Protect yourself from the elements with a spacious, rugged, steel-frame Ariens Sno-Thro® cab. For all models.

Snow chains kit

Ultra-grip snow chains for strong traction on ice and packed snow. Available for all wheels.

Non abrasive skid shoe

Durable polyethylene material providing protection on decorative and sensitive surfaces around your home from scratches and damage.

LED dash headlight

Ariens OEM LED headlight replacement kit to be used on all Ariens snow-blowers model years 2011 and newer that have halogen light original.

Front weight kit - 4,5kg

In case of firm snow, the additional weight on the auger housing increases the pressure of the scraper edge to the ground.

Drift cutter kit

For high and heavy snowdrifts. The blades cut lateral snow that is higher than the diameter of the auger. For DELUXE, PLATINUM and PROFESSIONAL.

Clean out shovel with brush

The Ariens Clean-Out Tool cleans snow and ice from the discharge chute and impeller of your Ariens snow blower.

Snow Clean out shovel

If there is built-up snow and ice on the discharge chute and impeller of your Ariens Sno-Thro, the Clean-Out Spaded Tool is the perfect accessory to help remove it.

Cover snow blower

Designed to protect your investment, the Ariens snow cover provides year-round protection for your Ariens snow blower. Ariens covers are constructed of tough, durable, washable and tear-resistant 300 denier polyester.


Winter Service

Ariens snow blowers are in use all over the world. Our snow blowers come directly from Wisconsin USA, the far north-east of the USA. In the immediate neighbourhood of Canada, we know our way around snow. With our six model series, you will find the right machine for snow clearing, from private users with a small driveway to owners of large premises with car parks. Find the right snow blower for you - at Ariens, the ‘King of Snow’.

Municipalities & building yards

User comfort for long mowing jobs in public spaces. Efficient work that is fun and enjoyable. The Ariens models ZENITH, ZENITH E, ARROW and ARROW E zero-turn mowers are made for long and frequent mowing intervals on large areas. Perfect cut and durability come as standard. Suspended wheel forks, optimum seating comfort or ergonomic, upright driving position on the ARROW models protect the user and increase their well-being.