Cutting Width: 132 cm (52")
Deck Type: Rear Discharge

Made for regular mowing of large areas

Made for service providers who mow frequently. Top components in the engine, drive and cutter deck combined with an excellent price-performance ratio.

With a cutting width of 132 cm and its Kawasaki FR691 726 cm³ V-Twin engine, the APEX 52 is designed for commercial use on larger areas. It ejects the grass via its side discharge or can be operated with an optional mulching kit (with closed side discharge).

  • The APEX 52 features a 132cm (52″) fabricated deck that’s 14cm (5½”) deep and made of 10-gauge steel
  • Powerful Kawasaki®​ FR691 V-Twin 726cc engine
  • Industry-leading, fully welded tubular steel frame
  • Self-adjusting belt technology
  • High-back plush seat with padded arm rests
  • Foot-operated, spring assisted deck lift with 15 cutting positions
  • ROPS capable design
  • Range of optional accessories is available
  • 4-year or 500 hours warranty

Use Cases

Semi-Pro Petrol Optional mulching kit Ride-On (sitting) Side discharge Flat terrain Undulating terrain Hilly terrain Large areas

Features & Benefits

Curved tubular steel frame

The frame, made entirely of tubular steel, forms the skeleton of the mower. It bears the entire load of the machine for many years and must be able to cope with shocks and vibrations over the long term. State-of-the-art bending technology avoids weak points due to welded joints.

Professional mowing deck

The mowing deck is the most heavily loaded component of a mower. Stability is particularly important here. The APEX has a 14 cm deep, fully welded mower deck made of 3.2 mm thick sheet steel with double spindle supports, 12.7 mm steel edge, enclosed anti-scalp wheels, all-steel pulleys, welded 4-point suspension and high-quality blade spindles made of forged aluminium. Everything about it is designed for a long service life.

Automatic belt tensioner system

The automatic CBT (Constant Belt Tension) technology keeps the belt tension of the mower deck constant at all times. This increases the service life of the belt, compensates for wear and prevents belt slippage for a consistently high-quality cutting pattern.

Mower deck lifting by foot pedal

The solid cutting deck is raised conveniently and effortlessly using a foot pedal. To select one of the 15 cutting heights from 3.8 - 12.7 cm, a metal plug is inserted into the respective recess in the display.

Easy access to the mowing deck

The mowing deck is easy to access from above for cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to CBT technology, changing the belt takes just a few minutes. Simply slacken the tensioning pulleys, thread in the belt, tension the tensioning pulleys again - done.

Padded seat and armrests

The soft, adjustable seat with high backrest is equipped with padded armrests for greater comfort even during long periods of mowing. Coil spring damping absorbs shocks on uneven surfaces.

Technical Data

Model Number 991326
Engine Kawasaki® FR691 V-Twin OHV
Engine Displacement 726 cm³
Drive System Hydro-Gear® ZT-3100 Transaxles
Maximum engine Power 15.5 kW / 20.8 hp at 3,600 rpm.
Fuel Capacity 19.3 l
Max. Speed Forward / Backward 12.9 km/h / 6.4 km/h (8 mph / 4 mph)
Deck Type, Rear discharge / Side discharge /
Mulching Kit optional
Deck Material 3.6 mm sheet steel with double thickness around the blade support
Deck Construction welded
Deck Lift System foot operated
Number of blades 3
Spindle Material Forged Aluminium
Spindle Shaft Steel, StressProof®
Spindles drive V-belt
Spindle Clutch Electric Ogura®
Cutting Width 132 cm (52")
Cutting Hights 3.8 cm - 12.7 cm (1.5" - 5.0")
Cutting Positions 15
Wheels Front Axle optional
Front Wheels 13 x 6.5-6
Rear Wheels (inch) 22 x 10.5-12
Seat High back premium w/ padded armrests, adjustable
ROPS Rollover Protection optional
Hour Meter
Weight 395 kg
Length 201 cm
Width 170 cm w/ chute / 140 cm w/ mulch kit
Height 120 cm
Limited Warranty Machine 4 years / 500 hrs.
Changes in technology, equipment and price are reserved. Of information or illustrations no claims can be derived.


Mulch kits

For installation in side discharge cutter decks. With every rotation of the blade, the mower sucks up grass in the closed cutting chamber, where the clippings are cut several times before they fall finely chopped onto the lawn.

Striping kit

There is nothing more pristine in the spring and summer than a newly mown lawn with stripes. Add that finishing touch with a striping kit that easily mounts to ZENITH, APEX and IKON XD side discharge models.

Trailer hitch kit

Transform your Ariens zero-turn into a versatile machine simply by adding the hitch. The kit's robust design allows you to tow a range of accessories.

Operator controlled chute baffle

For all side discharge cutter decks. Controls the ejection distance of the clippings with a hand lever.

ROPS - Rollover protection structure

Increases security for the operator. Ergonomic shape protects the driver's elbows from impact. Foldable for driving under trees. With mandatory seatbelt. Can be retrofitted to all APEX models.

Full suspension seat kit

For all APEX models. Replaces standard seat. Suspension hardness adjustable. Without seatbelt.

Suspension forks kit

Reduces vibrations and shocks for increased driving comfort. For all APEX models. Standard on all ZENITH models.

LED headlight kits

Mow longer, later, and safer with a headlight kit from Ariens. For mounting on the side frame. For ZENITH, APEX and IKON XD.

Zero-turn cover

Protect your investment and extend the life of your equipment with an Ariens zero-turn cover. Fits EDGE, IKON XD and APEX models.

"TWEELS" kit

Lasts as long as 2-3 conventional sets of pneumatic tyres. Excellent suspension comfort. 100% puncture proof. For APEX und ZENITH models.

Aggressive tread pattern rear tyre kit

Tackle slopes with confidence and reduce turf scuffing with an upgraded tread pattern. Fits APEX and ZENITH models.

13" semi-pneumatic front tyre kit

Puncture proof.

High lift blade kit

Useful when grass is thin and compacted. Generates an extra strong airflow. Decreases battery range compared to standard blades.

Customer reviews

The Apex was purchased for one particularly challenging site. A mix of informal lawns, park lands, meadow areas and access tracks. The site regularly floods 3 to 4 times a year which can limit the number of times we can mow so hence has to handle a wide variety of ground and grass conditions. The Apex has exceeded all expectations and greatly increased efficiently. Having been so impressed with the cut quality we now use the zero turn on some of our more larger formal lawns which previously mowed using walk behind roller mowers.
– Graeme Mann, Berkshire Garden Service Ltd
We use our Ariens APEX 48 zero turn mower on village greens and commercial properties that are cut on a weekly basis. It has a fantastic quality of cut, it’s easy to manoeuvre into tight spaces and is powered by a strong and dependable Kawasaki engine.
– Jimmy the Mower, Ditton Services Ground Maintenance
I needed a mower that was light, manoeuvrable and solid. The grass on my property is anything but tight and straight. There are also quite a few hidden stones, or branches of trees that get in the way. With the APEX 52, I don’t have to worry about it, this zero-turn is so strong and robust. It’s a pleasure to drive and it’s always satisfying to look back afterwards and see the quality of the cut.
– Corne Smeets, private user
We carry out many grounds’ maintenance contracts including a site with 6 football pitches on. We have found that the APEX is brilliant for it, it’s fast and leaves a great finish. A great machine!
– Ben Cawthorn, BRC Gardening and Grounds Maintenance
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Peter Williams, private user

I wish my dad had an ARIENS zero turn mower. Peter Williams kindly reviews his new Ariens APEX 52 inch zero-turn mower after purchasing it in early spring. He’s been using it frequently since he purchased it from his local dealer, Hertfordshire Garden Machinery. “It’s a fantastic mower, with a great cutting width. I have about an acre and a half of grassland and I purchased this machine with a view of maintaining my lawn and grounds as pain free and easy as possible. Its manoeuvrability is fantastic and goes right around trees, you hardly need to strim afterwards which is a big bonus. [..] Out of 10, I’d give it 9.9. Not much wrong with this machine, great value for money and I’d highly recommend it”.


Service providers

Time is money for a service provider. Modern zero-turn mowers are therefore particularly popular with them. Time savings of up to 40 % come into their own here. Daily changing job sites and high annual operating times place demands on the material. The Ariens APEX and ARROW zero-turn models bring momentum and speed to the daily work of lawn care service providers.

Leisure Facilities

Camping sites and playgrounds are usually very winding. A zero-turn mower is ideal here and fully in its element. You can steer around obstacles with absolute maneuverability and precision. You can drive around a tree in one go. A zero-turn mower makes your work much easier.

Janitorial services

The constantly changing activities of a janitor service are part of daily routine. Regular lawn mowing is often perceived as a chore and is particularly time-consuming. With a zero-turn mower, you'll be done faster. You can save up to 40% time compared to a conventional lawn tractor. The Ariens IKON is made for private gardens of any size or even semi-professional applications. For smaller janitor services, it is the ideal machine for mowing green spaces quickly and maneuverably.

Municipalities & building yards

User comfort for long mowing jobs in public spaces. Efficient work that is fun and enjoyable. The Ariens models ZENITH, ZENITH E, ARROW and ARROW E zero-turn mowers are made for long and frequent mowing intervals on large areas. Perfect cut and durability come as standard. Suspended wheel forks, optimum seating comfort or ergonomic, upright driving position on the ARROW models protect the user and increase their well-being.