Cutting Width: 152 cm (60")
Deck Type: Rear Discharge

Zero-turn mower with exchangeable battery. Made for a whole day's mowing.

Installing batteries in a mower is one thing. Achieving the performance, durability and reliability of a proven professional petrol model is another. Our models with the FusionCore replaceable battery system meet this demand.

The ZENITH E 60 is the first professional electric zero-turn mower with interchangeable batteries. Made to mow large lawns for a whole day. Professional cutting deck with 152 cm cutting width. Can be used with side discharge or optional Muchkit. ROPS as standard. An electric professional through and through – with professional warranty.

  • The ZENITH E 60 features a 152cm (60″) fabricated, side discharge deck constructed of strong 10-gauge steel
  • Powered by four interchangeable FusionCore lithium-ion 56v DC, 4kWh batteries
  • Features patent-pending spindle technology, designed to absorb massive impact
  • Achieve five hours of continuous cutting time on one charge ((dependent on cutting conditions)
  • Charge time of 5.3 – 12 hours (depending on charger)
  • Industry-leading frame design provides backbone to support the loads of the machine
  • ROPS fitted as standard for added protection to the operator
  • Foot-operate​d, vertical pin selector deck lift system with 15 cutting positions
  • High-back full suspension seat
  • Range of optional accessories is available
  • 5-year or 1500 hours warranty/ 3-year battery warranty


PRO Electric Optional mulching kit Ride-On (sitting) Side discharge Flat terrain Undulating terrain Hilly terrain Large areas

Merkmale & Vorteile

FusionCore Li-Ion battery system

The battery system of the ZENITH E consists of four interchangeable battery packs, each weighing 22.5 kg. The capacity of each individual Fusion Li-ion battery pack is 4 kWh. Total capacity: 4 x 4 kWh = 16 kWh. The ZENITH E can mow with just two battery packs and drive with just one.

With four battery packs, you can mow for a maximum of 5 hours. After that, they can be replaced with full batteries in a matter of seconds. The charging time for four battery packs in the optional FUSIONCORE charging station is just 5 hours 20 minutes!

Intelligent load balancing

This patent-pending system ensures that the ZENITH E equalises different battery capacities. It only draws energy from the fully charged batteries until they reach the same charge level as the batteries with less charge. Power is drawn from the fully charged batteries first, before being drawn evenly from all four batteries, ensuring even power and cutting.

Proprietary electric transaxles

Two independently operating, brushless electric motors with extra strong magnets, increased number of windings and recuperation function when braking. Objective: Low heat generation and long service life.

Coupling the electric motors with a planetary gearbox with double reduction.
Objective: The same smooth, jerk-free ride as a professional zero-turn mower with a petrol engine and hydrostat. Result: Drive the ZENITH E once and compare for yourself!

Professional mowing deck

The mowing deck is the most heavily loaded component of a mower. Stability is particularly important here. The ZENITH E has a 14 cm deep, fully welded mowing deck made of 3.2 mm thick sheet steel, 20 mm steel edge, enclosed anti-scalp wheels and a welded 4-point suspension. The FUSIONCORE electric blade motors deliver a maximum of 3 x 3,500 watts when required. To protect the motor in the event of collisions, the blades are mounted on a slip clutch. This significantly reduces hard impacts on the motor. The air flow of the new X-Factor III mower deck with side discharge is optimised for the cleanest cut and lowest noise level.

Fully adjustable comfort seat

Maximising operator comfort is essential to work productively and safely for hours on end. Keeping hard shocks and vibrations away from the driver is particularly important for his well-being and health. The hydro-pneumatic suspension can be precisely adjusted to the operator's body weight. Adjustable, padded armrests, high backrest and lumbar support allow the rider to find their ideal sitting position. In combination with the ZENITH's standard wheel fork suspension, the result is a soft, comfortable ride.


The standard rollover protection system with safety belt (ROPS) offers additional protection for the driver. It is foldable and ergonomically tilted backwards to prevent painful bumping of the elbow while driving.

Datos técnicos

Model Number 997305
Drive System Ariens FUSIONCORE brushles electric wheel motors with reduction gear, 2 x 5 kW max.
Max. Speed Forward / Backward 17.7 km/h / 8.9 km/h (11 mph / 5.5 mph)
Deck Type, Rear discharge / Side discharge /
Mulching Kit Optional
Deck Material 4.5 mm sheet steel
Deck Construction welded
Deck Lift System foot operated
Number of blades 3
Spindle Material Forged Aluminium
Spindle Shaft Steel, StressProof®
Spindles drive Ariens FUSIONCORE direct electric drive brushless, 3x 3.5 kW max.
Spindle Clutch Electric Ogura®
Cutting Width 152 cm (60")
Cutting Hights 3.8 cm - 12.7 cm (1.5" - 5.0")
Cutting Positions 15
Wheels Front Axle optional
Front Wheels 13 x 6.5-6
Rear Wheels (inch) 22 x 12
Seat Full suspension, adjustable seat with high backrest and armrests
ROPS Rollover Protection
LED Interface w/ Hour Counter & 2 USB Charging Sockets
Weight 595 kg
Length 211 cm
Width 190 cm w/ chute; 160 cm w/ mulch kit
Height 125 cm w/ ROPS folded down; 183 cm w/ ROPS up
Limited Warranty Machine 5 years / 1,500 hours
Warranty Battery (Years) 3
Battery Type 56V Ariens FUSSIONCORE Li-Ion swappable
Battery Capacity 4 x 4 kWh
Number of Batteries 4 quick-change
Charge Time Fast charging: 5.3 hrs.; standard charging: 11 hrs.
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56V battery kit (single battery)

Extend your cutting time capability with an additional Lithium-Ion QuickSwap 4 kWh battery.

Off board charger kit

Charge up to four additional batteries outside of the machine. Charging time 4 batteries 0-100%: 12 hours. Option to upgrade to Fast Charger.

Fast charger w/y harness kit

Additional charger. Charges the four batteries in the machine in just 5.3 hours.

Mulch kit

For installation in side discharge cutter decks. Ensures a clean mulching result. Closes the side discharge. Side deflector can then be removed.

Operator controlled chute baffle (ZENITH E)

For all side discharge cutter decks. Controls the ejection distance of the clippings with a hand lever.

Striping kit (ZENITH E)

Creates a striped lawn. For side discharge/mulch kit models.

High lift blade kit (ZENITH E)

Useful when grass is thin and compacted. Generates an extra strong airflow. Decreases battery range compared to standard blades.

Suspension forks kit (ZENITH E)

Reduces vibrations and shocks for increased operator comfort. Matched to the weight of the ZENITH E.

13" semi-pneumatic front tyre kit

Puncture proof.

"Tweels" rad kit (ZENITH E)

Lasts as long as 2-3 conventional sets of pneumatic tyres. Excellent suspension comfort. 100% puncture proof. Matched to the weight of the ZENITH E.

LED headlight kit (ZENITH E)

For mounting on the side frame.

Beacon light kit

LED warning light for mounting on the ROPS rollover protection. Increases visibility.


Service providers

Time is money for a service provider. Modern zero-turn mowers are therefore particularly popular with them. Time savings of up to 40 % come into their own here. Daily changing job sites and high annual operating times place demands on the material. The Ariens APEX and ARROW zero-turn models bring momentum and speed to the daily work of lawn care service providers.

Municipalities & building yards

User comfort for long mowing jobs in public spaces. Efficient work that is fun and enjoyable. The Ariens models ZENITH, ZENITH E, ARROW and ARROW E zero-turn mowers are made for long and frequent mowing intervals on large areas. Perfect cut and durability come as standard. Suspended wheel forks, optimum seating comfort or ergonomic, upright driving position on the ARROW models protect the user and increase their well-being.