40 % faster mowing
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ZENITH E - Battery power without compromise
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ARROW Series - The go-to for the pros
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Zero-Turn? It's exactly where we excel
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Lined up for you: Find the perfect zero-turn mower
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Being a family-owned business, Ariens only have one stakeholder to look after: YOU.

Since 1933, every one of our products have been designed around the specific needs of our customers. There is no compromise, no shortcut taken and no quick fix.
We simply build product on the understanding that it has a job to do – to support you in your work.

Put simply, we produce commercial-grade, professional equipment that works just as hard as you do.


40 % faster mowing
With an Ariens zero-turn mower, you save around 40% of your mowing time thanks to higher speeds and better maneuverability than with garden tractors. Find out more and save 40% of your valuable time too.
Stand up and access all areas
Benefit from all the advantages of a zero-turn mower, but in the more compact form of a large walk-behind mower and with an almost perfect view of the cutting area. In many situations, service providers will be faster on the road with this new type of machine than before.
ÖGA 2024
Koppigen, Schwitzerland calendar icon 26.06.2024 – 28.06.2024

Visit us at Koppigen from June 26-28th at the largest trade fair for the green sector in Switzerland.

Kolding, Denmark calendar icon 28.08.2024 – 29.08.2024

We will present our products at Maskiner Under Broen in Kolding, Denmark from August 28-29th. The Trade fair is an international exposition of machinery for agriculture and gardening. Thank you for your visit at our booth.

Int. Gartenbaumesse Tulln 2024
Tulln, Austria calendar icon 29.08.2024 – 02.09.2024

Our Austrian importer Hochfilzer GmbH & Co. KG will represent our products at the international horticulture fair Tulln. This is Austria's largest gardening event for all hobby gardeners and garden professionals.

Our zero-turn mower is used at a crematorium in Huntingdon and is an absolutely fantastic addition to our fleet. It’s cut is first class and I’ve never experienced anything like …
– Rob Bradshaw, Huntingdon Town Council
As a Grounds Maintenance company in East Kent covering Schools, Council Grounds, Cemeteries, Holiday Parks and Housing estates we need versatile, nibble, reliable machines. At Saltex 2021 our mission was …
– Colin North, Bourne to Garden
We carry out many grounds’ maintenance contracts including a site with 6 football pitches on. We have found that the APEX is brilliant for it, it’s fast and leaves a …
– Ben Cawthorn, BRC Gardening and Grounds Maintenance
Top 10 benefits of stand-on mowers
Uncover the top 10 benefits of our stand-on zero-turn mowers, designed for efficiency, safety, and comfort. From increased mowing productivity to enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces, these mowers are a game-changer for lawn care professionals.
Can you mow a wet lawn?
Discover why mowing your lawn when it's wet can spell trouble for your grass. From compaction and disease susceptibility to safety concerns and mower damage, learn why it's best to wait for dry conditions before firing up your mower. Don't risk compromising your lawn's health and safety.
Choosing the right work equipment is a big part of the working day
Over the course of a couple of years, operations manager Thomas Kristiansen has replaced a traditional tractor/front mower with a Zero Turn from Ariens. 80 acres are to be mowed and there are several factors that came into play when the choice fell on the Apex 48. As operations manager at Ski Medieval Church, Kråkstad […]
Impressed the skeptics with battery-powered Zero-Turn: – Delivered from the start!
 “I have to admit that I was a little skeptical after several bad experiences with electric mowers in the past. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong,” says Mathias Eriksen, a park worker at Sarpsborg Municipality. There were many prejudices when the general manager of Senter Landbruksverksted AS, Pål Engebregtsen, heard about Arien’s new battery-powered […]
AriensCo – Ariens & AS-Motor commercial mowers on show at GroundsFest
Ariens and AS-Motor are joining forces under the AriensCo umbrella at the inaugural Groundsfest 2023 at Stonleigh Park in Warwickshire. From 20-21 September, visitors will have the opportunity to see the battery version of the Ariens Arrow – the Arrow E and other highlights from the AS-Motor and Ariens product portfolio live. “An outdoor fair […]

The new Zero Turn Catalog 2024