The first choice for professionals. Equipped with professional components. Made for daily use over many hours at maximum performance.

Crafted for professional landscapers

The Ariens ZENITH is developed for professionals. It utilises all of our experience as one of the largest zero-turn manufacturers in the USA. Professional cutting decks with side or rear discharge, constant belt tension CBT technology, suspended wheel forks, Kawasaki professional engine with double air filter, full suspension comfort seat, curved frame, extra wide 22 inch tyres, professional hydrostats and standard ROPS rollover protection. Made for daily mowing with maximum comfort for the operator. Equipped with a real professional guarantee. This is how professionals mow large areas.

Front 3/4


Rear 3/4




Features & Benefits

Industry-leading frame design

Large-dimensioned tubular frame and as few weld seams as possible, thanks to automotive bending technology, carry the loads of the machine with unrivalled strength and stability.

Professional mowing deck

The mowing deck is the most heavily loaded component of a mower. Stability is particularly important here. The ZENITH has a 14 cm deep, fully welded cutting deck made of 3.2 mm thick sheet steel with double spindle supports, 12.7 mm steel edge, enclosed anti-scalp wheels, all-steel belt pulleys, welded 4-point suspension, high-quality blade spindles made of forged aluminium for cooler running and greater resistance to vibrations and an optimised air flow. Everything about it is designed for the cleanest cut and a long service life.

Automatic belt tensioner system

The automatic CBT (Constant Belt Tension) technology keeps the belt tension of the mower deck constant at all times. This increases the service life of the belt, compensates for wear and prevents belt slippage for a consistently high-quality cutting pattern.


The standard rollover protection system with safety belt (ROPS) offers additional protection for the driver. It is foldable and ergonomically tilted backwards to prevent painful bumping of the elbow while driving.

Mower deck lifting by foot pedal

The solid cutting deck is raised conveniently and effortlessly using a foot pedal. To select one of the 15 cutting heights from 3.8 - 12.7 cm, a metal plug is inserted into the respective recess in the display.

Fully adjustable comfort seat

Maximising operator comfort is essential to work productively and safely for hours on end. Keeping hard shocks and vibrations away from the driver is particularly important for his well-being and health. The hydro-pneumatic suspension can be precisely adjusted to the operator's body weight. Adjustable, padded armrests, high backrest and lumbar support allow the rider to find their ideal sitting position. In combination with the ZENITH's standard wheel fork suspension, the result is a soft, comfortable ride.