The Ariens ARROW range of stand-on zero-turn mowers is now available to buy in the UK for the first time. Primarily designed for commercial users, the ARROW provides a perfect blend of power, performance and manoeuvrability, combining the comfort and speed of a zero-turn mower with compact size and agility.

Ergonomics have been prioritised in every aspect of the mower’s design. The standing driver position, with thighs leaning against the machine, is the most natural working stance and of particular benefit to users with back problems. The standing position enables the legs to absorb vibrations and unevenness efficiently, as well as allowing for easy, quick mounting and dismounting. An ergonomic control panel allows critical adjustments to be made on the move.

The ARROW’s mowing performance is enhanced by its compact design and very low centre of gravity. At a length of only 160cm, with a cutting width of either 81cm or 91cm, the mower can be driven closely and quickly around bushes and trees. With a full view from above of the entire mowing deck and clear visibility of the machine’s width, the driver can approach and drive around obstacles efficiently, navigating intricate shapes, flowerbeds and hillside terrain safely and easily. Where variable height is needed, the deck can be adjusted quickly to maintain high-quality cutting performance.

The Ariens ARROW’s space-saving dimensions and low weight (approximately 345g) also make a noticeable difference to daily handling. The mower’s narrow width allows good accessibility through small gateways and backyards, making it ideal for mowing small to medium and winding lawns. However, the Arrow also achieves high performance on larger lawns, allowing for the full driving speed of up to 13km/h.

When it comes to durability, the Ariens ARROW has all the features of a professional machine. Commercially designed Hydro-Gear ZT 3100 wheel motors provide maintenance intervals of 400 hours (after the first oil change). Highly stable blade carriers made of forged aluminium are combined with a fully-welded professional mower deck made of 4.5mm thick sheet steel and an extra-large tank for long range. The Arrow is backed by a warranty of five years or 1,000 hours (in line with the Ariens EMEAA warranty conditions).

“We displayed the ARROW series for the first time at Saltex in November 2022 and were overwhelmed by the reception,” says Brad Stiles, Vice President of Sales, EMEAA. “It’s clear that the launch of the ARROW in the UK offers an exciting new option for professional users seeking the ability to mow large areas of grass while manoeuvring around obstacles with ease.”

The ARROW stand-on zero-turn mower is now available to buy in the UK with either a 32” or 36” deck. Visit to find out more.